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Hello everyone!!!

We are from the new label PALE MOON RECORDS a metal, goth, industrial, experimetal, folk, prog, classical, medieval, renaissance fusion, electronica label.

We wanted to announce that we are now up and running and we have eagerly signed our first extremely talented band:


TODESBONDEN, founded and created by LAURIE ANN HAUS (Autumn Tears, Ephemeral Sun(ex-Rain Fell Within members), ex-Garden of Shadows, ex-Rain Fell Within, plus more bands), is a doom metal band that spans throughout history with Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Celtic, Folk influences, laced with soaring violins, the haunting sounds of the Finnish Folk instrument the Kantele from A. Tolonen (Nest, Shapes of Despair, Agalloch) and lead by strong female vocals.

A blend of fantasy of a time long gone, and trance inducing melodies. The
contrast of old, sweet and haunting sounds of renaissance Dowland Covers, and the occasional "Wicker Man" soundtrack cover, with extremely powerful metal originals, Todesbonden will soon rock the music and artistic industry with their haunting, yet simple sounds.

Having Todesbonden in her thoughts for many years, laurieannhaus was very happy to have paired up with the fantastic musical abilites of JASON WOOD (Ol Sonuf, ex-Rain Fell Within, ex-Ephemeral Sun).

Please feel free to add us as a friend and tell us about your band, life, likes and dislikes.

Although Pale Moon is not currently signing bands, they are keeping their eyes open for a variety of styles for their possible future roster :D

Everyone!!!Please join the PALE MOON FORUM dedicated to goths, metalheads, artists, music lovers, philosophers.....
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