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violation of my mind and soul and heart

well, everyone remembers uyen. what she meant to me, the way she and i were so close. things change. things fucking shatter infront of your face. starting with the fight of me and bailey and bianca and uyen, starting with that bitch if a fight, it got into something a lot worse, not only is uyen being a whore. being childish, and unremarkably vengeful, she chose the other day to make a death with by me, she decided to violate me in a way no one could. *weeps* she fucking took my real life journal, my jorunal which contains every thought, every tear and every drop of blood, every hope and dream, and truimph, she took that from me and pretty much wrote all over it, and then passed it around to a class that i am not even in. im sorry to all that i argued with about going class to class. fuck that, my own friend does that to me, a starnger with fucking stone me to death. ive been crying for the last hour. everything is so hard.

what kills me is that i cant hurt her. i dont have it in me, because she knows my weak spot, she will bring up the point that she was there when i was strapped down. i want to die.. omg i want to die.

i miss bailey. i really miss her. i really needed her right now.
and daniel, i feel that i continue to hurt him, but i love him to eternity.

A candle burnign in the night.
Providing light for you and I
In the night we shall lye
And farewell tears I shant not cry.
For you have kidnapped my heart tongiht.

i miss Ricky. Ricky and I connected form the moment we began to speak. I love him liek a brother. I am not at all intimidated by him, nor am i threatened by him. He is my brother. He is not online now, and I wish i could just say one word to him. thats all i want. but i cant


i cant write in it now, and i was almost done. and now it feels just wrong. bailey knows what i feel like. and i want to burn it.

i want to die, and cry.
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