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onewingedangels's Journal

one winged angels.
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we are the children of the night.
we are the souls who haunt your sleep
we are the children whom seek sanctuary in your dreams and
we are the anecdote to your nightmares

a perfect circle, absurd, acid bath, afi, all out war, amen, american beauty, amon amarth, anal cunt, angerkill, anorexia nervosa, apoptygma berzerk, arcturus, atari teenage riot, autumn tears, ball chains, black, black sabbath, blodsrit, burn the priest, burning, burzum, cannibal corpse, carcass, carnage candy, carving, catamenia, cathedral, cats, children of bodom, circle of dead children, coal chamber, cold, conflict, cookie dough, cradle of filth, crossbreed, cryptopsy, cutting, dani filth, dark funeral, deadsy, deeds of flesh, deicide, diecast, dimmu borgir, dinosaurs, discordance axis, drain sth, dying fetus, earth crisis, einherjer, empyrium, enslaved, exhumed, extol, eyehategod, faith no more, fear factory, few left standing, fields of the nephilim, finntroll, front line assembly, funker vogt, goatwhore, godflesh, godforbid, godsmack, gothica, hatebreed, havayoth, hecate enthroned, hedpe, impaled nazarene, kidneythieves, kmfdm, lamb of god, living sacrifice, london after midnight, machine head, magik, marduk, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, martyr ad, mayhem, meow, ministry, misery machine, misfits, morbid angel, mudvayne, mutilation, my dying bride, my ruin, naglfar, nailbomb, napalm death, nightmare before christmas, nile, nin, nothingface, obituary, opeth, organ grinder, piercings, placebo, poison the well, posthuman, purring, radiohead, ravenous, robb flynn, safety pins, sanctuary, sex, shizit, sisters of mercy, six feet under, skinless, skinny puppy, slayer, sleepers, snow, soulfly, spikes, stabbing westward, static x, stickers, straight edge, system of a down, taake, the gathering, the virgin suicides, tool, type o negative, unbroken, vintersorg, vnv nation, vondur, willow wisp, wumpscut, zao